Features of website for Educational institutions

Key Features
The school calendar is an important communication tool that parents, staff and students come to rely on for all school-related events. Maintaining a current, up-to-date school calendar is essential and easy with our Customizeable Calendar.

The maintenance on the calendar application is typically handled by multiple users and, therefore, very user-friendly. Creating categories for calendar events, assigning events under these categories as well as editing the events upon demand becomes a simple, efficient process.

Staff Directory
A successful school site is a collaborative effort that informs the community and showcases the accomplishments of its students and faculty.  Providing the community with access to a current staff directory eliminates frustration and improves communication.

Our Staff Directory gives site visitors the ability to search all staff members by first name, last name, location, subject area, grade level and/or position. The information is readily accessible; eliminating the cumbersome search through long lists of staff lists.

Job Postings
A successful school website can also demonstrate the quality of the school in order to attract qualified job applicants. Jobs is one of the most highly searched keywords on a school site. Therefore, current job postings and convenient online access to applications are essential. Bringing innovative functionality to the site is a great way to project a progressive image for the district but it also provides your current staff with additional tools to advertise employment.

In order to advertise openings, the Job Postings tool provides an easy way to highlight availabilities and include an overview of the positions you are hiring for. Any information deemed necessary could be posted including qualifications, certification requirements, hours, salary, and job description.

Lunch Menus
What's for lunch? Another very popular school item that parents and students come to rely on is the monthly Lunch Menu.

Our Lunch Menu module allows Food Service to easily set up breakfast or lunch menus. Parents can view or print the menus in calendar format. Each menu upload asks for a start and end date to ensure that the information only displays on the site for the intended period of time.

Quick Polls
Gather feedback or capture quick statistical information by posting a Poll on your school Web site. Our tools incorporate an easy-to-use system that gives authors the ability to attach one or more questions in order to engage site visitors. 

Each Poll captures the unique IP addresses and can alternate with random page refreshes; keeping your school site lively and inviting.

Our School Solution provides authors with the ability to attach banners to specific pages or areas of the school site. Banners can be linked internally, highlighting homecoming, sporting events, or alumni reunions and externally for advertising or fundraising opportunities.

Click results can be tracked for each banner in order to determine the success or failure rates.

Filing Cabinet
In our experience, we've discovered that file attachments are among the most requested material on the site. Because this material is essential for visitors, we make it accessible in a separate section that houses downloadable materials.

What is classified as a file? It can truly include any type of file that you want to make available for download by site visitors; from registration forms, transportation schedules, student handbooks, medical absence forms – the content of the filing cabinet can be as limited or as broad as needed.

The objective is to organize these materials for access by parents, students and staff. In our experience, one central repository for documents broken down by categories and subcategories, under which specific documents would be listed by name, is the best approach.


For any school, images of students, events and happening form an important element. We provide you with a module to share all the pictures that you have captured over the years. Down the memory lane...


School news is a key component of the website; directing parents, staff and community members to the latest information. The News component grants users the ability to highlight specific news items, upcoming special events, newsletters and publications, or any piece of information pertinent to the community.

News items also accept links, images and files (maps, meeting agendas, permission slips, sports schedules, etc.). Incorporating the ability to attach additional information to the news ensures that it is a central resource for the community.

Search Functions

A fast, efficient keyword search is another primary function of a database-driven system and one of the advantages of having the entire application created online.

The objective of the search is to provide any visitor to the site with all pertinent information. Beyond a comprehensive complete search, our system will allow visitors to access all archived content items.

Standard Features
Website Design
Unlimited number of information pages (limited by hosting space)
Select one style from the existing ones
Customization of the style with custom site theme image and logo
Customer provided copy
Customer provided graphic (Static or Animated)*
Customer provided logo
Contact form
WYSIWYG Editor for unlimited changes to static information pages
3 Changes per year (content & images only)
Submission to 100 search engines / directories
Search engine friendly URLs
Website statistics
Hosting & Email
1 GB FTP hosting disk space
5 GB Bandwidth transfer per month
50 POP3 accounts
Telephone support
Email support
Phone Help
United States of America


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